Friday, 29 January 2010

Welcome to the Hare Preservation Trust's blog!

The Hare Preservation Trust was founded by Chairman Rodney Hale to work for the preservation of the hare and it's welfare.

Hares are not yet fully protected animals in the UK and breed year round. It is of great concern to the Trust that they attain fully protected status and this is one of the Trust's main goals. With our member's support we hope to achieve this.

The Trust also campaigns on behalf of hares and when issues come to light that need support we hope to gain yours.

Snares have been making the headlines.
There are a few groups actively campaigning for their abolishment.

Free-running snares are still legal in England, Scotland and Wales.
Self-locking snares are illegal. The self-locking snare has a ratchet, ever-tightening effect whereas the free running snare should (in theory) slacken when the animal stops pulling.
However, if the wire is rusted, kinked, becomes entangled in vegetation or twisted as the animal thrashes around then a free running snare can act like a self locker.
Snares are totally indiscriminate - even horses have been caught by their legs. Hence the campaign for a total ban on the use, manufacture and sale of all types of snare.
Read the about snares on the HPT website.

Please make your voice heard by commenting on this article in Farming UK.

Advocates for Animals and The League Against Cruel Sports have information on their campaign page.

The League Against Cruel Sports has a page on snares and action you can take. The LACS is supported by wildlife enthusiast Bill Oddie.
This is their page on snaring news and an article on the Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham ignoring public opinion.

The Edinburgh based Advocates for Animals has an online petition Here - please take the time to sign it.
I think the time has come that MPs and MSPs can no longer ignore public opinion.

This blog was started by me, Annette Tait, the volunteer Business Development Manager for the HPT. To read a bit more about me and my love for hares please visit this article published on my own blog Dragon House of Yuen.

The Trust runs completely on donations and by unpaid volunteers. If you wish to join please visit this page for membership details.

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