Saturday, 23 October 2010

Artist Jeanette Easby - and your chance to win her work!

We are very lucky to have the talented artist Jeanette Easby selling her very popular beautiful hare jewellery in the HPT online shop.

Jeanette has an etsy shop Square Hare and her own online shop Square Hare.

Jeanette says that her Celestial Hare piece (below) was inspired by the golden Hare in the Masquerade book by Kit Williams.
"As soon as I saw that Hare I knew that one day I would create my own, that was a little easier to wear. Many years later when I came to my new home I found we had wild Hares living around us and I spent many hours watching them leaping and playing in the fields.
The Celestial Hare is my homage to them. The stars in its body representing the night sky I watch them playing under. The spiral pressed deep into its hind quarters representing the strength within the muscle that can send the hare leaping high into the sky as well as an age old symbol of the earth and all its secret powers. The little bead hanging beneath it represents the moon over which the Hare is leaping.
I always enjoy creating these as each Hare turns out slightly different and therefore unique to itself just like a real Hare would be and I hope that you will enjoy receiving and wearing your very own unique Hare too".

It is such a magical piece and Jeanette makes them to order so your own necklace will be unique and just for you.

Jeanette also makes the tactile Dancing Brass Hare pendant.

She says "This wild hare is dancing for joy In the warmth of the sunlight. It carries the spiral upon it’s hind leg to represent strength as it leaps towards it's destiny.

What a beautiful hare to have on your neck!

and there is the brass and copper Totem Hare pendant with a wild Hare basking in the moonlight. It carries the spiral upon it’s hind leg and within it’s heart to represent strength and love of the Goddess. It sits upon three dimpled Flowers.

Jeanette hand saws all her jewellery pieces. A true artisan at work.

The Totem Hare pendant is also available in silver with brass should you prefer a lighter metal against your skin.

There is also a very eye catching pair of Dancing Hare Earrings too! They are available in either silver or brass and the hare is dancing in the warmth of the sunlight.

These are available in silver from Jeanette's own website Square Hare or from her etsy shop Square Hare
or in brass from the Hare Preservation Trust's online shop.

As well as hares Jeanette also makes Fauns!

and guess what? you have the chance to WIN this faun brooch here!

and the chance to WIN this Celestial Hare pendant too! and ....

and the chance to WIN this Dancing Hare brooch too!

I'm holding a raffle to raise funds for my rescue rabbit Wesley's old rescue, the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare for the second year running and Jeanette has graciously donated these 3 treasures as part of the prizes!

If you would you like to know more please visit my blog to read about the raffle here, and to purchase your tickets at £1 each, please visit the rescue's website directly here

To purchase Jeanette's work and help the Trust at the same time, please visit our online shop here.

Many thanks Jeanette! A very kind and very creative artist!