Monday, 12 April 2010

Hares - some respite between March to July

Between 1st March and 31st July under The Hares Preservation Act 1892 our UK resident hares gain a little respite every year when they are not permitted to be sold.

So if you see a restaurant with 'hare' on it's menu during this time then they can be investigated by the local Police Wildlife Crime Officer.
(yes, sadly some places insist on the novelty of serving hare)

Every district in the UK has a WCO - (though this list is out of date) so it may be easier to just contact your local station and ask to speak with them.

It is also a good idea to write to the establishment concerned to let them know your dismay about hares being on the menu.

Some novelties just wear thin!

I've always thought that the mark of a great chef is to make a mediocre dish spectacular. How many chefs do you see boasting about their fantastic macaroni and cheese? and when was the last time you ate that dish and was very impressed?

If you live in Fife the Wildlife Crime Officer to contact is Ian Laing.

His email is ian.laing (at)

and his contact number is 01592 656 087

When hares are killed indiscriminately there are always hungry dependants left to starve to death.
These few months will hopefully give the spring leverets a chance to survive and prosper.

The little youngster above was very lucky indeed by being hand reared. I don't think you can find bibs small enough for baby hares!

The two photos above of the young orphan are by professional photographer Sean Hunter and he retains their full copyright. To contact Sean and purchase his beautiful images please click here.

Thank you