Saturday, 23 October 2010

Artist Jeanette Easby - and your chance to win her work!

We are very lucky to have the talented artist Jeanette Easby selling her very popular beautiful hare jewellery in the HPT online shop.

Jeanette has an etsy shop Square Hare and her own online shop Square Hare.

Jeanette says that her Celestial Hare piece (below) was inspired by the golden Hare in the Masquerade book by Kit Williams.
"As soon as I saw that Hare I knew that one day I would create my own, that was a little easier to wear. Many years later when I came to my new home I found we had wild Hares living around us and I spent many hours watching them leaping and playing in the fields.
The Celestial Hare is my homage to them. The stars in its body representing the night sky I watch them playing under. The spiral pressed deep into its hind quarters representing the strength within the muscle that can send the hare leaping high into the sky as well as an age old symbol of the earth and all its secret powers. The little bead hanging beneath it represents the moon over which the Hare is leaping.
I always enjoy creating these as each Hare turns out slightly different and therefore unique to itself just like a real Hare would be and I hope that you will enjoy receiving and wearing your very own unique Hare too".

It is such a magical piece and Jeanette makes them to order so your own necklace will be unique and just for you.

Jeanette also makes the tactile Dancing Brass Hare pendant.

She says "This wild hare is dancing for joy In the warmth of the sunlight. It carries the spiral upon it’s hind leg to represent strength as it leaps towards it's destiny.

What a beautiful hare to have on your neck!

and there is the brass and copper Totem Hare pendant with a wild Hare basking in the moonlight. It carries the spiral upon it’s hind leg and within it’s heart to represent strength and love of the Goddess. It sits upon three dimpled Flowers.

Jeanette hand saws all her jewellery pieces. A true artisan at work.

The Totem Hare pendant is also available in silver with brass should you prefer a lighter metal against your skin.

There is also a very eye catching pair of Dancing Hare Earrings too! They are available in either silver or brass and the hare is dancing in the warmth of the sunlight.

These are available in silver from Jeanette's own website Square Hare or from her etsy shop Square Hare
or in brass from the Hare Preservation Trust's online shop.

As well as hares Jeanette also makes Fauns!

and guess what? you have the chance to WIN this faun brooch here!

and the chance to WIN this Celestial Hare pendant too! and ....

and the chance to WIN this Dancing Hare brooch too!

I'm holding a raffle to raise funds for my rescue rabbit Wesley's old rescue, the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare for the second year running and Jeanette has graciously donated these 3 treasures as part of the prizes!

If you would you like to know more please visit my blog to read about the raffle here, and to purchase your tickets at £1 each, please visit the rescue's website directly here

To purchase Jeanette's work and help the Trust at the same time, please visit our online shop here.

Many thanks Jeanette! A very kind and very creative artist!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Artist Suzanne Le Good

The Hare Preservation Trust is lucky to have the support of many talented and generous artists who feature hares in their art.

Suzanne Le Good is an accomplished artist who paints hares, cats, guinea pigs, rats and an assortment of other beings in a gentle and beautifully stylised form.

This beautiful hare is a Limited Edition print of 200, from Suzanne's original watercolour and acrylic painting. It features a gorgeous, stylised Hare who has a very soft and gentle expression, against a shaded and speckled background. Note the pattern on the fur down the hare's back.

The print measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" with a signature at the bottom. Mounted in an off-white bevel-cut mount measuring 9" x 7" and complete with backing board. It is ready to display in a 9 x 7" frame.

Please note that in the image above the thin black border is for display purposes only.

This print is £17.00 and includes worldwide postage.

Above is a print called Long Hare which is £15 for worldwide postage and limited to 100.

The hare is lying stretched out in a relaxed pose against a speckled background and is from an original in watercolour, gouache, pen and ink.

The actual print measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" on Gerstaecker Watercolour paper which gives the look and texture of an original watercolour. Set in an off-white 5" x 7" bevel-cut mount with backing board and signature at the bottom.

Suzanne has been a full-time professional artist for nearly 20 years.
She lives on the North Downs in Kent, and although her studio overlooks the countryside, she has not yet spotted a hare!
She specialises in Cats, Guinea Pigs and other small animals in a variety of styles and media.
She also produces hand-painted jewellery and other decorative items such as hand-painted lamps, mirrors and boxes.

Above is another print in the same style and same measurements called Curlie Hare which is £15 for worldwide postage and limited to 100.

The hare has curliques on the fur and in the background.
Suzanne also has one more hare in this style for sale in the shop. It is called Harebells and features a hare with bells on the end of it's ears.

Also available are whimsical earrings of moon gazing hares from an original acrylic painting. They depict a magical full moon with its mysterious shadows and craters and a beautiful hare semi-silhouetted against it.

They have been printed on both sides and mirror-imaged - so they are a true pair, and are laminated with heavy gauge laminate for durability and protection.

They measure approximately 1.5" in height - not including the silver-plated ear wires and come gift boxed. They are £10 including worldwide postage.

and in the same style as the earrings is this good luck talisman Laminated Hare Sign which is £6.00 for two.

The legend of the Moon gazing Hare goes back to Pagan times, and is associated with good fortune, re-birth and abundance, so is ideal as a good luck talisman.

It depicts a gorgeous full moon, showing all its craters, mysterious shadows and markings, and a lovely Hare, who is in semi-silhouette against the moon.

The image has been printed onto 200gms card, then laminated. Printed on both sides so it can be appreciated in a car or house window. It measures just over 3 1/4" in diameter and has a silvery thread for hanging. You will receive two hares and two suction hooks.

Suzanne has an etsy shop Suzanne's Gallery, her own website Suzanne Le Good Cats and an eBay shop Cat's by Suzanne Le Good - though you will many other creatures there, not just cats!

Thanks Suzanne for being part of the HPT online shop and helping the hares!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to inform people of their choices so that they can choose not to harm hares inadvertently or to support industries that do harm them, but to give them choice.

This blog is not a debating forum and is therefore closed for comments.

It celebrates the beauty and magic of hares and promotes love for hares.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hares - some respite between March to July

Between 1st March and 31st July under The Hares Preservation Act 1892 our UK resident hares gain a little respite every year when they are not permitted to be sold.

So if you see a restaurant with 'hare' on it's menu during this time then they can be investigated by the local Police Wildlife Crime Officer.
(yes, sadly some places insist on the novelty of serving hare)

Every district in the UK has a WCO - (though this list is out of date) so it may be easier to just contact your local station and ask to speak with them.

It is also a good idea to write to the establishment concerned to let them know your dismay about hares being on the menu.

Some novelties just wear thin!

I've always thought that the mark of a great chef is to make a mediocre dish spectacular. How many chefs do you see boasting about their fantastic macaroni and cheese? and when was the last time you ate that dish and was very impressed?

If you live in Fife the Wildlife Crime Officer to contact is Ian Laing.

His email is ian.laing (at)

and his contact number is 01592 656 087

When hares are killed indiscriminately there are always hungry dependants left to starve to death.
These few months will hopefully give the spring leverets a chance to survive and prosper.

The little youngster above was very lucky indeed by being hand reared. I don't think you can find bibs small enough for baby hares!

The two photos above of the young orphan are by professional photographer Sean Hunter and he retains their full copyright. To contact Sean and purchase his beautiful images please click here.

Thank you

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New Chairman Sought

The Hare Preservation Trust is now seeking a new Chairman to take over from our current Chairman and Founder Rodney Hale.

If you know of anyone suitable to take on this unpaid voluntary position please ask them to email the Trust with their CV and a letter stating why they are suitable to fill this position.

Please address all emails with Chairman Vacancy. The email address can be found on the Contact page of the HPT website.
Thank you.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Handmade Hare Brooches by Kim Shay

Our online shop has the most delightful handmade felt hare brooches by talented artist Kim Shay.
Kim is very generously giving 100% from the sale of these brooches to the Trust!

Like me, Kim is concerned that if Labour does not maintain their place in parliament and the Conservatives (Tories) get in, they could well repeal the Hunting Act and bring back the shocking practise of hare coursing.
All monies raise thru our shop will go to help take the Hare Bill to parliament asking for fully protected status.

Thank you Kim!

This white hare has the word 'vegan' sewn on top and has a delicate pink eye and a small red heart.
A very beautiful reminder that hares are vegans too! and even if you are not a vegan, or even vegetarian you can always support the vegan lifestyle by wearing this brooch to spread the word.

Kim has this gorgeous biscuit coloured hare brooch in the shop too. How very delightful to have not one but four hearts on this hare! That's love quadrupled!
This hare has a little black eye.

Not long ago I bought one of Kim's rabbit brooches from her etsy shop Veganessa. It has shorter legs and ears than the hare brooches. I wear my little white rabbit every time I go out to help spread the word - gorgeous handmade art + caring lifestyle = positive benefits for all!

Like the hare brooches, my rabbit came in her own handmade pocket bag with a metal heart tag that says 'made with love'.
This bag is just as delightful as my brooch! What a treat to purchase an item that as been made with such love and care.

When I don't have my white rabbit proudly on my chest I pin her to my Arabella art-accesory rabbit bag! Like hares, rabbits are 100% vegan too!
Please visit our shop to view, read more about and purchase the hare brooches.
Thank you

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Baby Hare Bellatrix

The Hare Preservation Trust's online shop has now found homes for three baby hares!
These hares are all individuals and made by me and each one has a name and a story.

The latest hare to go into the shop is Baby Hare Bellatrix -

Bellatrix is a little bit of a worrier and he has started to take on the worries of the world at such an early age onto his tiny shoulders.
His mama is very concerned and the other mothers have encouraged their babies to include him in their games and adventures. But, no, young Bellatrix doesn’t want to play, he wants to ponder and think things thru for the better.
Wise owl has spoken with mama to say that this is fine and that Bellatrix will bring all the hares a safe future.
He has just published his own blog – Thoughts of a Small Hare, started on Twitter and has been chosen for Wise Owl’s Forest and Field Observer, Analyst and Protector.
Bellatrix is being sought out by all the leaders of the packs for his sage advice and wisdom.

He would love to sit quietly on a book shelf to think thru solutions to the many problems now needing answers.

Bellatrix is £18 and is available in the shop and like all my baby hares there 20% will be donated by me to the HPT.

This is Baby Hare Jurgen.
He has now found a forever home and was the first baby hare to be listed in the HPT shop.
Jurgen loves to play amongst the leaves and since he was born in autumn he has had plenty to roll around in.
He is not fussy about what kinds of leaves there are, as long as he can scamper about them. He even enjoys the evergreen pine needles which will never fall off the trees, mind you they are a bit spiky at times! though he has a penchant for collecting the cones in the forest.
Jurgen has been thinking hard what he can do about his leaf passion and has started to write down all the uses a leaf has in it’s life, what with insects being born on it (in eggs), being food for youngsters, cover for small mammals and play objects for others. He knows every leaf has a purpose!

He prefers to scamper along a shelf near an open window by trees so that he can continue his education in leaves.

This is Baby Hare Forest
Forest has just recently left the shop to go to her new home.
Little Forest just loves to clamber about the shrubs and bushes on the edge of the field.
Some of the other babies are not too sure if they should be doing the same thing because Forest always seems to have so much fun but it’s rather dark and spiky in there!
However she does come home with lots of burrs and thorns and small twigs caught in her fur that her mother spends ages pulling out.
The ones that she can’t tug out have to be snipped off with the fur attached so Forest has a few bare patches here and there.
She has made friends with a couple of the birds who frequent the bushes and has been busy helping them gather nesting materials. Using her front paws and sharp teeth she is able to pull the prized sheeps wool off the outer thorny branches.
Forest is chuffed to be helping in such an important task and even more proud that she has been asked to be a Godmother to the coming babies!
She prefers to sit on a shelf near an open window to wait for her feathered friends to come by.

and this is Baby Hare Ranger
Little Ranger was a worry to her mother when she was first born.
She never suckled for over a day and the other mamas rushed over to try to help. They gave her massages and back rubs and ear kisses then finally she started to take milk.
Goodness, that was a worry!
She also took a long time to nibble at the grasses, flowers and herbs.
So much consternation for such a small hare!
However Ranger is healthy now and she is growing, slowly. She is a very picky eater and will only eat the petals if they are warmed by the sun, or if the leaves have been washed by the rain or the grasses blown in the wind.
Ranger has been enrolled on a cookery course by her mama so that she may hopefully take a greater interest in food.
She prefers to sit on a shelf with a view to the garden and vegetable patch so that she may learn more about all the food out there.
All these baby hare and their stories are my own design and creation and all copyright is reserved Annette Tait.

I also sell baby hares in my etsy shop. Like these 4 here, there are many to choose from! if you see one you like I will gladly pedge 20% to the HPT, just get in touch first. I can make baby hares to order aswell, just get in touch.
These hares are soft sculpture ornaments and not suitable for babies and very small children due to their safety eyes. They make lovely additions to bookshelves, night stands, corner tables by lamps and ofcourse, shelves!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Please Take Action for the Hares, thank you

There have been many comments posted on the online site Farming News in regards to their article about the forthcoming legislation of snares in Scotland on March 11th.

The have been a couple of amendments to the old archaic Snares Order with the new ones appearing to be farcical.

The majority of comments have picked up on these points.

Very disturbing points such as :-

- New "training courses at £45 per person" have been developed to help people comply with the law on how to use snares.

- Snares must be checked at least once every day at "intervals of no more than 24 hours" to make sure they are free-running.

- Snares must be fitted with a "safety stop at a length determined by the intended target species" and must be staked to the ground or attached to prevent them being dragged.

- Snares must also be set in locations where the target species can be "safely restrained".

- BASC Scotland Director Dr Colin Shedden said, "We are always seeking to improve the welfare of animals restrained by snares and to reduce the risk to non-target species" and this new legislation will help.

Whilst the comments on the Farming UK website are greatly welcomed it may well be prudent to send a letter to the Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham reiterating your thoughts about this Order on it's way to be passed as law - but - not passed yet - so letters may prove to be more effective to get your point across.

This is the address :-

Roseanna Cunningham MSP
Minister for Environment
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

and email
Roseanna.Cunningham.msp at

(to prevent Ms Cunningham from being bombarded by spam I have removed the 'at' symbol, please copy and amend before sending).

On the 22nd January Ms Cunningham refused to support an amendment banning snares completely. You can read about this Here.

I shall be sending my paper copy tomorrow to make my point. A letter always get your point across more effectively I believe.
I shall be mentioning many of the points made in the comments. They are all relevant. There is no humane aspect about snares at all no matter how you butter up the terms.

Snares really do not have a place in a civilised society.
On this page on the Advocates for Animals website is a video of a badger caught in a snare. Please beware - this video is very upsetting.

This is my watercolour of a mountain hare in winter coat.

The League Against Cruel Sports, Advocates for Animals, The International Otter Survival Fund and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue will be presenting a petition to the Scottish Government.
Please go Here to Sign it, thank you.

Thank you for supporting the hares.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Welcome to the Hare Preservation Trust's blog!

The Hare Preservation Trust was founded by Chairman Rodney Hale to work for the preservation of the hare and it's welfare.

Hares are not yet fully protected animals in the UK and breed year round. It is of great concern to the Trust that they attain fully protected status and this is one of the Trust's main goals. With our member's support we hope to achieve this.

The Trust also campaigns on behalf of hares and when issues come to light that need support we hope to gain yours.

Snares have been making the headlines.
There are a few groups actively campaigning for their abolishment.

Free-running snares are still legal in England, Scotland and Wales.
Self-locking snares are illegal. The self-locking snare has a ratchet, ever-tightening effect whereas the free running snare should (in theory) slacken when the animal stops pulling.
However, if the wire is rusted, kinked, becomes entangled in vegetation or twisted as the animal thrashes around then a free running snare can act like a self locker.
Snares are totally indiscriminate - even horses have been caught by their legs. Hence the campaign for a total ban on the use, manufacture and sale of all types of snare.
Read the about snares on the HPT website.

Please make your voice heard by commenting on this article in Farming UK.

Advocates for Animals and The League Against Cruel Sports have information on their campaign page.

The League Against Cruel Sports has a page on snares and action you can take. The LACS is supported by wildlife enthusiast Bill Oddie.
This is their page on snaring news and an article on the Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham ignoring public opinion.

The Edinburgh based Advocates for Animals has an online petition Here - please take the time to sign it.
I think the time has come that MPs and MSPs can no longer ignore public opinion.

This blog was started by me, Annette Tait, the volunteer Business Development Manager for the HPT. To read a bit more about me and my love for hares please visit this article published on my own blog Dragon House of Yuen.

The Trust runs completely on donations and by unpaid volunteers. If you wish to join please visit this page for membership details.

Many thanks for stopping by! and thanks for helping hares!