Saturday, 21 August 2010

Artist Suzanne Le Good

The Hare Preservation Trust is lucky to have the support of many talented and generous artists who feature hares in their art.

Suzanne Le Good is an accomplished artist who paints hares, cats, guinea pigs, rats and an assortment of other beings in a gentle and beautifully stylised form.

This beautiful hare is a Limited Edition print of 200, from Suzanne's original watercolour and acrylic painting. It features a gorgeous, stylised Hare who has a very soft and gentle expression, against a shaded and speckled background. Note the pattern on the fur down the hare's back.

The print measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" with a signature at the bottom. Mounted in an off-white bevel-cut mount measuring 9" x 7" and complete with backing board. It is ready to display in a 9 x 7" frame.

Please note that in the image above the thin black border is for display purposes only.

This print is £17.00 and includes worldwide postage.

Above is a print called Long Hare which is £15 for worldwide postage and limited to 100.

The hare is lying stretched out in a relaxed pose against a speckled background and is from an original in watercolour, gouache, pen and ink.

The actual print measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" on Gerstaecker Watercolour paper which gives the look and texture of an original watercolour. Set in an off-white 5" x 7" bevel-cut mount with backing board and signature at the bottom.

Suzanne has been a full-time professional artist for nearly 20 years.
She lives on the North Downs in Kent, and although her studio overlooks the countryside, she has not yet spotted a hare!
She specialises in Cats, Guinea Pigs and other small animals in a variety of styles and media.
She also produces hand-painted jewellery and other decorative items such as hand-painted lamps, mirrors and boxes.

Above is another print in the same style and same measurements called Curlie Hare which is £15 for worldwide postage and limited to 100.

The hare has curliques on the fur and in the background.
Suzanne also has one more hare in this style for sale in the shop. It is called Harebells and features a hare with bells on the end of it's ears.

Also available are whimsical earrings of moon gazing hares from an original acrylic painting. They depict a magical full moon with its mysterious shadows and craters and a beautiful hare semi-silhouetted against it.

They have been printed on both sides and mirror-imaged - so they are a true pair, and are laminated with heavy gauge laminate for durability and protection.

They measure approximately 1.5" in height - not including the silver-plated ear wires and come gift boxed. They are £10 including worldwide postage.

and in the same style as the earrings is this good luck talisman Laminated Hare Sign which is £6.00 for two.

The legend of the Moon gazing Hare goes back to Pagan times, and is associated with good fortune, re-birth and abundance, so is ideal as a good luck talisman.

It depicts a gorgeous full moon, showing all its craters, mysterious shadows and markings, and a lovely Hare, who is in semi-silhouette against the moon.

The image has been printed onto 200gms card, then laminated. Printed on both sides so it can be appreciated in a car or house window. It measures just over 3 1/4" in diameter and has a silvery thread for hanging. You will receive two hares and two suction hooks.

Suzanne has an etsy shop Suzanne's Gallery, her own website Suzanne Le Good Cats and an eBay shop Cat's by Suzanne Le Good - though you will many other creatures there, not just cats!

Thanks Suzanne for being part of the HPT online shop and helping the hares!