Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Please Take Action for the Hares, thank you

There have been many comments posted on the online site Farming News in regards to their article about the forthcoming legislation of snares in Scotland on March 11th.

The have been a couple of amendments to the old archaic Snares Order with the new ones appearing to be farcical.

The majority of comments have picked up on these points.

Very disturbing points such as :-

- New "training courses at £45 per person" have been developed to help people comply with the law on how to use snares.

- Snares must be checked at least once every day at "intervals of no more than 24 hours" to make sure they are free-running.

- Snares must be fitted with a "safety stop at a length determined by the intended target species" and must be staked to the ground or attached to prevent them being dragged.

- Snares must also be set in locations where the target species can be "safely restrained".

- BASC Scotland Director Dr Colin Shedden said, "We are always seeking to improve the welfare of animals restrained by snares and to reduce the risk to non-target species" and this new legislation will help.

Whilst the comments on the Farming UK website are greatly welcomed it may well be prudent to send a letter to the Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham reiterating your thoughts about this Order on it's way to be passed as law - but - not passed yet - so letters may prove to be more effective to get your point across.

This is the address :-

Roseanna Cunningham MSP
Minister for Environment
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

and email
Roseanna.Cunningham.msp at scottish.parliament.uk

(to prevent Ms Cunningham from being bombarded by spam I have removed the 'at' symbol, please copy and amend before sending).

On the 22nd January Ms Cunningham refused to support an amendment banning snares completely. You can read about this Here.

I shall be sending my paper copy tomorrow to make my point. A letter always get your point across more effectively I believe.
I shall be mentioning many of the points made in the comments. They are all relevant. There is no humane aspect about snares at all no matter how you butter up the terms.

Snares really do not have a place in a civilised society.
On this page on the Advocates for Animals website is a video of a badger caught in a snare. Please beware - this video is very upsetting.

This is my watercolour of a mountain hare in winter coat.

The League Against Cruel Sports, Advocates for Animals, The International Otter Survival Fund and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue will be presenting a petition to the Scottish Government.
Please go Here to Sign it, thank you.

Thank you for supporting the hares.


  1. I was popping around and looking at my newest follower's (THANK YOU!) blogs and saw this one of yours and thought you might like to get to know another one of my new followers who has a fabulous bunny blog http://potentiallynervous.blogspot.com/ -- you seem like kindred spirits!



  2. thanks Kathy - I do indeed know the rabbits from there and visit often!


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