Thursday, 11 March 2010

Handmade Hare Brooches by Kim Shay

Our online shop has the most delightful handmade felt hare brooches by talented artist Kim Shay.
Kim is very generously giving 100% from the sale of these brooches to the Trust!

Like me, Kim is concerned that if Labour does not maintain their place in parliament and the Conservatives (Tories) get in, they could well repeal the Hunting Act and bring back the shocking practise of hare coursing.
All monies raise thru our shop will go to help take the Hare Bill to parliament asking for fully protected status.

Thank you Kim!

This white hare has the word 'vegan' sewn on top and has a delicate pink eye and a small red heart.
A very beautiful reminder that hares are vegans too! and even if you are not a vegan, or even vegetarian you can always support the vegan lifestyle by wearing this brooch to spread the word.

Kim has this gorgeous biscuit coloured hare brooch in the shop too. How very delightful to have not one but four hearts on this hare! That's love quadrupled!
This hare has a little black eye.

Not long ago I bought one of Kim's rabbit brooches from her etsy shop Veganessa. It has shorter legs and ears than the hare brooches. I wear my little white rabbit every time I go out to help spread the word - gorgeous handmade art + caring lifestyle = positive benefits for all!

Like the hare brooches, my rabbit came in her own handmade pocket bag with a metal heart tag that says 'made with love'.
This bag is just as delightful as my brooch! What a treat to purchase an item that as been made with such love and care.

When I don't have my white rabbit proudly on my chest I pin her to my Arabella art-accesory rabbit bag! Like hares, rabbits are 100% vegan too!
Please visit our shop to view, read more about and purchase the hare brooches.
Thank you


  1. Wonderful cause! And such cute and adorable items too!

  2. Thanks for this write up, the hares really need all the help they can get, it's a very important, political, time for them, and lots of other beautiful wild animals, that need protecting.


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